Jiyala-ism dies; Is there any future for PPP in Punjab after Badar’s death?


The die-hard PPP senior leader Jehangir Badar had suffered cardiac arrest and could not survive it. His funeral prayers were offered at the Punjab University grounds.

The same Punjab University which has awarded him the PHD degree in politics saw his funeral in its ground. Jehangir Badar belonged to the era in which Pakistan produced student leaders, yes that was the age of student politics in the country. Jehangir Badar, Javed Hashmi, Sheikh Rasheed, Pervez Rasheed all came through the student politics and got the experience with them that no one other has.

Jehangir Badar joined PPP in the golden era of PPP when it was under the leadership of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He was elected as MNA in 1988. Two times in his political career, he held the office of federal minister. Badar was the senator from PPP in 1994 and 2009. He had also served at the position of secretary general of PPP. Jehangir Badar not only served with the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto but also considered very close to Benazir Bhutto.


Jehangir Badar helped PPP leaders from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto tillBilawal except for Zardari, as he had issues with him. Jehangir Badar was the brand name of original PPP ideology. He was an era in himself. He was the politician who always stood against the dictatorship and in support of democracy and constitution.

With the demise of Jehangir Badar, PPP credibility in Punjab almost died.

Jehangir Badar was the original “Jiyala”, a political worker who was prospered and flourished under the banner of PPP by late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.  With the death of him there comes to an end of Jiyalaism in Pakistan and PPP. Jehangir Badar represented genuine workers who always remained with their political ideology, their leaders and with the political struggle. They got beaten by the army dictators but never surrendered.

With Jehangir Badar’s death, “Jiyalaism” is being coffined and buried.

For Bilawal, it’s an appalling news; his father has erased his grandfather party stronghold. Now PPP has got official bye-bye from Punjab. Bilawal has to ponder where he see himself in upcoming elections indeed. If the things remain same, there will be no hopes for Bilawal. Bilawal’s Party that is PPP used to spoke for the “Jiyala”, it was the party of workers. PPP in its past always tried to be liberal and political workers friendly. If Bilawal is serious in restoring the party’s stature, he has to come to streets, he has to mobilise the party workers, he has to delink himself from his father and his policies. Bilawal has to understand the concept of “Jiyala”, which was well read and utilised by his grandfather and then mother. Bilawal has to strive hard to raise “jiyalaism” from the grave. And boy, it’s not an easy carpeted road.


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