Ramadan Transmission Hosts

Ramadan is a holy month which is celebrated around the world, but there is always an element of respect the way it is observed. But in Pakistan, it has become more like a media and a corporate event. It all started when Geo and ARY capitalized this holy month and commercialized it with Ramadan Transmission couple of years back. With the passage of time, other channels also followed the lead. Now, rather observing the holy month with an element of religious respect, people would be flocking to get free motorbikes, televisions or if they are lucky, a Suzuki or Mehran. The sad part is that rather than having an element of dignity, these people would be willing to do disgusting acts on live television shows just for prizes.


This year, Amir Liaqat has decided to take it to the next level as he would be “gifting” aircraft during his Ramadan transmissions. Shahid Afridi, the biggest showmen of Pakistani cricket, would host Ramadan show on ARY, he will replace Junaid Jamshed after his unfortunate demise. GEO TV would be roping in Shoaib Akhtar and Wasim Akram as their game show hosts during this Ramadan. There was a time when Veena Malik had her own Ramadan Show, which sadly depicts the level of TV channels, would go to lure a huge audience. Every cheap antic would be employed. These hosts would have a questionable reputation, either in the form of their leaked video, in which they are abusing their colleagues, or facing despicable allegations from their ex-girlfriends.

One misses the good old PTV days when hosts like Tariq Aziz or Faisal Qureshpoori would increase our level of intellect. Now we are confined to Fahad Mustafa and Amir Liaqat’s brand of entertainment during Ramadan. From gifting of “orphans” to parents who were not able to have kids, or shoving mango into people’s face, it shows the disappointing sort of content that this nation witnesses on its TV shows. Even PEMRA does not seem to take notice as they are more concerned about whether our TV advertisements are becoming too sexualized rather than looking at the quality of the content that is broadcast.


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