Sheikh Rasheed
Sheikh Rasheed

After the historic announcement of Panama Case verdict, Sheikh Rasheed comes out of the Supreme Court pleasingly to celebrate the judgment against Nawaz Sharif.

Meanwhile, a jubilant political worker jumped in the scene and kissed the Awami Muslim League’s leader.

Sheikh Rasheed thrust the man aside hardly and rubbed his face to clean it. Later, the security controlled the situation and took the overzealous worker away from the crowd.

The scene looked both inappropriate and hilarious simultaneously.

The same politician famous for his stunts and wit once was seen having biryani on stage in front of an audience in complete Desi style.

However, such scenes of celebrations are not new in Pakistan as many overjoyed workers and supporters at times show their love to the leaders in some inappropriate ways. Ultimately, the jubilant fans face the wrath of their leaders.

Also, the Rawalpindi’s politician recently hinted himself driver of ‘Super Express’ of Pakistan’s Politics.


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