Junaid Akram offers free books

Famous Pakistani blogger Junaid Akram has come with a unique idea of giving away books free of cost as an attempt to promote the book reading culture in the country.

The blogger is in Dubai and doesn’t like to carry unnecessary things as luggage while traveling. He has¬†decided to fill the extra capacity with the books ordered by Pakistanis.

Junaid Akram is accepting orders for only those books which are not available in Pakistan.

Why is he giving away books free of cost?

In his Facebook page, Junaid Akram said, ¬†“I firmly believe that if it’s there anything that’ll take us out of the darkness is books – not roads or tall towers. Trust me; this is not a marketing gimmick. This is not for TRP. I’m already quite famous, and I don’t need to indulge in anything of this sort. I just want to propagate a culture wherein when I enter a coffee shop; I would love to see more people reading books than taking pointless selfies.”

Here are the Books people are asking for

Junaid Akram’s Facebook post didn’t prove beneficial only for those who were desperately looking for a book that they couldn’t find in Pakistan. Rather it also bridged many readers who could share their books through a valid trade-off, It just gave an opportunity to book readers how they could find a book of their choice free of cost.

Junaid Akram offers free books

The response, Junaid Akram is getting through his post shows that book reading culture in Pakistan still exists in Pakistan despite rapid flourishing of a tech oriented world powered by the apps where papers are rapidly being replaced by screens.

Further, the literature festivals in different cities of Pakistan that lure the bookworms and those have a literary taste also serve a purpose for promoting a book reading culture in Pakistan.


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