Junaid Jamshed; Journey from a pop singer to religious scholar


Pakistani celebrity Junaid Jamshed, who was also among the passengers of PIA’s plane PK 661 that crashed today near Havelian, has left the entire nation in mourning. In 2 years of his life, In 52 years of his life, Junaid Jamshed proved himself as the person who struggled with finding true meanings of the life.

Jamshed was an engineering graduate from UET (University of Engineering and Technology) Lahore, but he decided to pursue his career in music, after working briefly with Pakistan Air Force as a civilian contractor.

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He was the lead vocalist of the famous nineties band Vital Signs. His son Dil Dil Pakistan is still celebrated as the most sung national song of Pakistan.

After 1999, Junaid Jamshed’s music career began declining as his albums were a flop. Till, 2004 he also released his solo album and made an effective comeback. The artist decided to devout his life for Islam at the peak of his music career and launched his clothing brand for financially supporting himself.

Junaid with the Anwar Maqsood

Junaid Jamshed with Anwar Maqsood

Junaid Jamshed’s fashion brand J. was also widely recognised in Pakistan, this made him a successful businessman along with a media celebrity.

Even the Junaid Jamshed’s life as a religious preacher also faced the controversies; he was once accused of committing blasphemy too.

At the occasion of Haj with Molana Tariq Jameel and Amir Khan

Even he has chosen an entirely different path, but he never regretted his path, rather he used to sang occasionally.

Junaid also did Ramazan Transmission on ARY

Junaid Jamshed on ARY


People loved to listen to the Naats in beautiful voice of him

A picture during the Chitral visit, perhaps the last photo uploaded by him.

The last tweet by the celebrity, where he admired the beauty of Chitral.

Heaven on Earth Chitral.
With my friends in the Path of Allah. Snowpacked Tirchmir right behind us pic.twitter.com/ZajcWEKlrG

— Junaid Jamshed (@JunaidJamshedPK) December 4, 2016

The last picture of Junaid taken at Chitral Airport


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