Salman Ahmed

Junoon, the Pakistan’s first at the only rock band, is celebrating its silver jubileeĀ this year. Although, the band has become now defunct and his only member Salman Khan who used to be lyricist and guitarist in the original group, is still managing to continue the legacy.

Salman Ahmed has just released the teaser for his upcoming video song Door Bohut Door’s teaser. Apart from being the only rock band in the country, Junoon was also famous for singing the songs related to socialĀ and political issues while maintaining the label for being patriotism.

Door Bohut Door is not an exception; it also carries the band’s original trademark. Shooting the video in Pakistan with celebrity couple Waseem Akhtar and Shaniera Thomson’s worth watching romance is surely going to be a treat.

The video also features the model Rabia Butt in a unique way. Such come back of the band is a real reminder of the late 90s when songs of Junoon had become a daily life jingle sung widely by Pakistanis.

Ali Azmat, the actual selling point of band, is not its part anymore but still Salman Ahmed has somehow managed to hold back the audience and provide them something they expected from Junoon


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