Karachi is the city of lights; Image by a french astronaut proves it

Image of Karachi the city of lights

Karachi the Pakistan’s largest and the world’s seventh largest city is famous as the city of lights worldwide. The latest picture of Karachi by a french astronaut puts a testimony to this fact

The image depicts how Karachi looks from a satellite, the city located on the bank of Arabian Sea, soaked with lights presents a mystic look.

French Astronaut, Thomas Pesquet posted the picture on Twitter.

Thomas Pesquet often shares the pictures of the world cities and countries taken from above the space.

His recent picture of Karachi reveals how beautiful the Pakistan is, a view from space is surely far much in contradiction from a view that media presents. The economic hub of the Pakistan is not only famous because of its illuminating roads, and beaches, rather it offers a heterogeneous and diverse locality that serves as refuge for the different ethnic and racial groups while promising a financial career for them.

Surely a city canopied by the light has hidden inside it so many stories to tell on behalf of its residents who find themselves deeply associated with it.

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