Karachi teens beating up harasser at Tariq Road are a lesson for you

Pakistani girls victim of harassment beat the guy on Tariq Road

Two sisters from Karachi rocked the social media with their dare to beat a harasser and then sharing their story on the internet.

Pakistani teens, Zoya Khan and Zara Khan, were back from a shopping trip when a lad groped one of them and caused unrest.

The act of the girls to resist and aggressively retaliate by humiliating the culprit in public was admittedly daring as not every woman who faces harassment in streets musters up enough courage to do so.

Teaching a lesson to the harasser is much difficult as girls are usually not even able to confess that they were treated in this way.

The story of Zoya and Zara is unique in this regard that they neither feared to beat up the man in public nor tried to keep the incident within themselves.

After this, girls shot a video and then shared it on social media telling their experience how a bypasser groped one of them while they were on their way to home.

The fascinating thing is that younger sister of the victim helped her much, she threw away all the bags and ran after the man to beat him up for the audacity he had committed.

The video message simply teaches a lesson to everyone who thinks that facing harassment makes him or her wrong, in truth those who do this are culprits, and it is the very right of the victim to take even aggressive reaction against the harasser and give him a lesson for entire life.

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