Karachi mayor Wasim Akhtar released

Anti- terrorist court has bailed the Wasim Akhtar, Karachi’s mayor, and MQM leader and ordered him to submit Rs. 25000 in security.

The court has absolved the Wasim Akhtar, in 38 cases out of the total of 39 cases against him. To get complete absolution, Wasim Akhtar would have to prove himself innocent in one more case.

The court has also issued the arrest warrants of other MQM leaders. Including the Khalid Maqbool and Farooq Sattar in the case of provocative speech.

Akhtar won the election of Karachi mayor in August of this year and became the first person in the country to win elections of mayor while being in prison.

Till now, he has not taken charge of the office of mayor. Now when he is about to released, many challenges are awaiting him; the paramount challenge among this is the division of the party into MQM London and MQM Pakistan. Further, the law and order situation in Karachi is also worsening due to the eruption of crimes like target killing on the sectarian basis.

The anti-terrorist court had arrested the Wasim Akhtar on July 19 on charges of supporting the terrorists. The court had also dismissed his pre-interim application.


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