Karachi train collision

As many as 22 people were killed, and over 60 others injured when two passenger trains carrying hundreds of passengers collided during morning rush-hour near Landhi junction in Karachi yesterday. According to details, Zakaria Express coming from Multan rammed into Fareed Express at Jumma Goth railway station. Following the collision, three bogies of both the trains turned into debris and two carriages overturned.

“I am dying, I am dying, please, please, I am dying,” cried Abdul Ghaffar, 55, as doctors tried to move his legs and hands.

He appeared to have multiple injuries, while his children and wife were also wounded and lay on beds nearby.

Other victims appeared too stunned to talk. Many had head and foot injuries, and at least one man had his leg amputated below the knee. Injured were screaming running while mutilated bodies were trapped in debris. He said rescuers of various organisations rushed to the spot and started shifting the injured and bodies to different hospitals.

Khawaja said an inquiry committee had been formed to probe the incident, adding it would submit its report within 72 hours. He opined it might be negligence of the driver who was still missing. Ruling out the impression that the train driver was untrained, Khawaja said the driver had been performing this duty for eight years. He announced compensation of Rs 1.5 million for the heirs of each deceased passenger and Rs 350,000 for each injured in Karachi train collision.

Train accidents are common in Pakistan, which inherited thousands of kilometres of track and trains from former colonial power, Britain. Money cannot ease down the pain of injured people; Government has to take proper measures that these types of disasters doesn’t happen frequently. We have to modern our communication systems. When people are in pain and agony, no one can heal them by the statements whether it is from PM Nawaz Sharif, Bilawal Bhutto or Khawaja Saad Rafique.

In Pakistan investigations are a just fine stage play, a mockery, establishment makes fun of us by doing this extra activity. Where are the reports of Pattoki train crash or the Balochistan train crash? and we can understand what will happen to the probe of Karachi train collision. We cannot even count the number of accidents happens in Pakistan in a year; the government has to devise safety measures and enforce it. The administration is making ordinary man’s life a hell.  Please, we cannot stand more turmoils, people are dying like insects, and no one is serious about doing anything.


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