Kareena proves pregnancy not an hurdle in Showbiz.

Kareena Kapoor has proved that perceiving pregnancy to be an obstacle in the way of work is not more than an absurd myth. The superstar has also rebutted the notion that men are superior in their professional life than women as they don’t face any such hurdle that compels them to take a leave.

This show stopper looksĀ for Sabyasachi’s bridal dress modelling

The lady has emphatically proven that all the conventional standards of beauty for models are just stereotypical. Even a pregnant woman can be an icon of beauty and style by becoming a show stopper not only for the casual look but also for a bridal look.

Pregnancy never puts limit on style

Here is a lesson to the ladies who say what is the purpose of making stylish dresses after marriage as defigured body during pregnancy would only bar them wearing those beautiful dresses. Kareena has proved that pregnancy is not at all a limitation to style.

Brand Endorsements didn’t bar her to endorse her pregnancy

Kareena didn’t say a no to all her professional commitments and simply went on to support all the campaigns along with carrying her new look in the public.

Carrying herself with high confidence on events

The superstar of Bollywood does not believe in maternity leave even for models; she has proved that a pregnant woman can be as gorgeous to attend the public events and ceremonies.

Don’t think I am doing any wrong to my to be born baby

Many people appreciated Katrina’s bold stance on the relation of a woman’s pregnancy to her work life. At the same times, many criticised her for doing work and neglecting the health of baby for not taking adequate rest. In response to this criticism, she defended herself by telling that she works at night and takes rest in the day and equally aware for necessity of taking care of the baby.


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