Kashmiri Man tied to Indian Army jeep

Video of a Kashmiri man tied up to the Indian Army jeep is causing fury among viewers against the wickedness of forces.

The man was tied to the jeep as a human shield to prevent the pellet stones from protesters.

Omer Abdullah, former chief minister of India-held Kashmir took notice of the incident, he also expressed his shock over such a  barbaric act by Indian forces. In a Twitter post, he said, “This young man was tied to the front of an army jeep to make sure no stones were thrown at the jeep. This is just so shocking”.

He also shared a video of the incident on Twitter.

Social media users slammed the Indian army for humiliating a man through such inhuman treatment for their March in the street of Kashmir.

The incident happened to this Kashmiri man is not something new, human rights violation by Indian armed forces in Jammu & Kashmir are assaulting the citizens from decades.

Recently, a team of 11 players was arrested by the forces just because they chose to wear Pakistan army jerseys in a match.


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