Farooq Dar tied with jeep in IOK. PHOTO: The Indian Express

Finally, the Kashmiris are being regarded as ‘humans’ as the human rights commission of the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) stood up for the devastated Kashmiri.

Months before, a Kashmiri named Farooq Dar was subjected to humiliation when he was tied to the jeep as a human shield.

Following the ill-treatment, the human rights body of IOK asked the state Government to pay the compensation of INR1 million to Farooq Dar.

“Pay Rs10 lacs compensation to ‘human shield’ Farooq Dar,” Human rights body to IOK GOVERNMENT.

The Commission held that the victim should be given the compensation for humiliation, torture, and stress that he went through while the incident.

Though its really appreciable that finally the human rights body are backing up the Kashmiris but the fact is that, the commission is not so effective with regard to the limited applicability of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993.

Still, the voices of asking from Government for compensation because of wrong treatment by the army officer is not less than a dauntless move.

Despite the issue of the low applicability of the commission’s demands, the brave act still might have given a strength to the Kashmiris that army can not get away with their human rights violations so easily.

These types of humiliated actions led the victims to get in the constant stress but the sane voice of standing up for Dar will surely have given him a hope.


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