Kaukab Iqbal

President Consumers Association of Pakistan, Kaukab Iqbal has been appointed as the Sr. Vice Chairman FPCCI (Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Standing Committee 2017 for Consumer Protection and Adulteration by Mr. Zubair F. Tufail, President FPCCI Mr. Zubair F. Tufail.

Mr. Kaukab Iqbal is famous for his efforts to raise awareness about consumer rights among ordinary people. He is also the founder of CAP (Consumer Association of Pakistan), the organization that aims to make users well familiar with their human rights while consuming the products they pay for. He is expected to be an excellent choice for the post given his vast experience in the field. He is also member task force of Commissioner Karachi.

After being appointed to the important post of, he thanked the President FPCCI and expressed his intention to voice the concerns of consumers and solve their problems in the best possible way. Kuakab Iqbal felt very proud of the selection.

Mr. Zubair M. Tufail who is the President of FPCCI showed his confidence in his choice. FPCCI is an important organization that looks the interests of businesses in the country. Although the recent most elections of chairman couldn’t ensure their transparency as proofs of horse trading were leaked in a videotape, still we can hope that consumers concern get plenty of attention on the platform that brags about its efforts and endeavors to promote interests of consumers and producers in Pakistan.


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