Kevin Petersen's statement about Imran Khan

With the win of Quetta Gladiators, foreign players like Kevin Petersen has packed his bags to exit the tournament without playing the final match and said goodbye to Dubai.

According to reports, the statements by Imran Khan that termed holding PSL 2017 final in Lahore a ‘madness’ caused Kevin Petersen to believe that playing in Lahore was not safe at all.

While informing the management about his decision, Kevin Petersen said, “when Imran Khan says that playing PSL in Lahore is a madness then how I can go there.”

Soon, after the final decision regarding the concluding match of tournament arrived, a mixed response on behalf of public and political leaders surfaced.

Imran Khan who opposed the decision had said, “Idea of holding PSL final in Lahore sounds like madness to me.” While talking about the consequences of a lock-down caused by closed roads  with Army and Rangers employed in all over the city, Imran Khan said, “What message of peace will we send out in such conditions.”

Soon after it was revealed that Imran Khan was the cause for the betrayal of Kevan Petersen, anti-PTI factions emerged on social media by lambasting Khan and labeling him as an anti-Pakistan and pro-Indian politician in the country who is supporting a foreign agenda.’

In reality, the fact is evident that such stringent security arrangements, city lockdowns with Army and Rangers everywhere are itself enough to cause fear among the foreign cricketers that things are not good regarding security situation.

Almost seven terrorist attacks within 11 days, as the PSL final approached was enough to make international players suspicious about the condition of security in Pakistan.

There would be hardly any faction in Pakistan who would oppose the comeback of international cricket in Pakistan, but what matters a lot is a peaceful situation free from a turmoil and tension, which doesn’t seem to be possible under present circumstances at least.


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