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Khaadi is one of Pakistan’s leading apparel stores, which does not only have stores on a national level but is present Internationally as well.

However, certain past records of Khaadi itself have not been very good. Previously, Khaadi fired about 32 of its workers right before Ramadan. They paid workers very low wages, and fired them when they thought they no longer had any benefit for them. These workers and the public rose up their voices in order to gain justice, and they are being represented by The national trade union federation, against the brand’s management.

Khaadi is supposed to register its workers with the Sindh Employees Social Security Institution. And the Employees Old Age Benefits Institution, so they can have cards issued to them in accordance with the constitution and International Labour Organization. Besides, every company which has factories is bound to pay Rs. 780 per month for each worker in order for them to be eligible for social security once they retire. Rs. 130 is paid by the worker himself, while the remaining is paid by the employer.

Currently it has been reported that Khaadi has been presenting fake records of its workers to the government, and is not registering them with the social security institutions. Through this, they are not only depriving the workers of their basic rights, but are also gaining a big profit. This means that they are saving about Rs. 850. Per worker every month!


It is reported that about 6,000 workers are employed by this brand alone, however, hardly 300 of them are registered within the social security institution.

Several Labour rights experts say that in accordance with the Industrial and Commercial Employment Ordinance, 1968, if any company has over 20 workers who work with the company for over 3 months, then the company must deem them as their own. Similarly, Khaadi must take up the responsibility of its workers, and should treat them as their own instead of hiding them from social security institutions.

Khaadi has still not answered any questions that have been raised up related to the profits of the company and the above mentioned data of registration of workers. This is just the tip of the ice burg, there are several other problems Khaadi really needs to look into and settle, instead of depriving its workers of basic human rights.


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