Khalistan; a letter from Indian Sikhs to Pakistani foreign ministry


A letter pleading Pakistan to raise the issue of human rights violation of Indian Sikhs in Punjab went viral on social media. The letter was written by the US-based NGO, Sikhs for Justice to the Sartaj Aziz, Advisor to Prime Minister Pakistan on foreign affairs.

The letter pleaded Pakistan to highlight the suffering of Indian Sikhs and other religious minorities in India during Heart of Asia (HoA) conference also known as Istanbul Process that would be held in Amritsar India.

In his request, the Justice for Sikhs narrated that the organisation that is an international human right advocacy group intends to hold the referendum in Indian Punjab on the matter of Khalistan. He told Sikh community is becoming the victim of government’s aggression that is depriving the Sikhs of their rights. He also mentioned the brutal massacre of thousands of pilgrims in Amritsar’s Golden Temple in 1984.

During the recent visit of Sikh pilgrims to Pakistan on the occasion of birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak, Indian Sikhs leader made speeches and highlighted the fascist Modi government’s agenda to crush minorities for producing a homogenous culture in India.

Organization is of opinion that Pakistan should raise this issue in HoA conference where representatives from 50 countries would participate. In this way the world will come to know about Indian government’s atrocities on Sikh and Muslim community of Punjab and Kashmir.

The organization also opined that according to Article 1 of the UN charter, everyone has the “Right of Self-Determination”, utilizing this right Sikh community can have its own independent state of Khalistan in Punjab where the community exists in minority.

It seems that Khalistan movement in India is reemerging, earlier in November, Hamrinder Singh, the said leader of Khalistan Liberation Movement had ousted the jail and was recaptured by the police, as usual Indian authorities put the entire blame on Pakistan.


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