Indian baby born in bank

As an aftereffect of demonetization, the queues outside the banks were long enough for a pregnant mum to give birth to the “Khazanchi Nath”. The unusual incident happened in Kanpur where a pregnant woman had come to withdraw cash from a branch of Punjab National Bank and gave birth to his child in the bank.

According to Times of India, the Sarvesha Devi who was standing in the long queue in the bank for drawing cash felt the labour pains as her delivery was due on those dates. The manager called the ambulance, but Sarvesha gave birth to his son with the help of customer ladies present in the bank.

The new-born was the fifth child of his parents and was named as Khazanchi Nath as he was born in the bank. The word Khazanchi means cashier or head of treasury. The parents are of the opinion that name of their son would be a reminder of the situation in which he was born.

The sudden birth of the baby in the bank is also being termed as the effect of sudden demonetization in India that almost created a state of emergency in banks. The news also raises the issue of whether pregnant ladies and old age people are dealt on a priority basis in banks or not because if the manager had catered to Sarvesha’s need as the matter of precedence, then the baby might have born under the supervision of doctors in the hospital.


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