The video of this kid will make you laugh and then cry over society


This video of the kid, crying and asking forgiveness from the teacher is raising many questions if you can cross the very first reaction of laughing and amusing over the child’s condition.

You can listen that teacher is making fun of the kid and asking another student to bring a rope so he can tie him upside down.

The child is asking forgiveness and asking to punish him by beating and finally resorting to bribing the teacher.

What in God’s name our next generation is learning from these types of teachers who even are unqualified to be peon somewhere.

A big question mark on our Primary education system.

The primary school has vital importance; this is the where the foundation is build. A student’s behavior is molded here. This is the very place where we create upcoming future of the children.

The kid asking to take meager 20 rupees in bribe is a slap in our society’s face. This is what we are giving and presenting to our future generation. The bribe is such disgust which has paralyzed the whole community and turned it into a non-functioning halted nation.

The Constitution of Pakistan states that every child has the right to free and compulsory education, yet millions of children in the country remain deprived of their Constitutional right. And those who somehow able to get to the schools met this fate.

Education is the basic necessity in any country for progress and prosperity. In most democracies, it is deemed a fundamental right. The negligence and apathy shown by the government and the society in providing this basic right will have disastrous consequences in the very near future.

It’s an emergency. We as a nation going down day by day. It is now time to come for our right not only in our mind & heart but aggressively on every platform available.


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