Kidnapped Pakistanis rescued by Turkish Police; Who were kidnappers?

Kidnapped Pakistani rescued by Turkish Police

Six kidnapped Pakistani nationals who were in the custody of kidnappers have been rescued by the Turkish Police. The men were held hostage by abductors for a huge ransom money.

Pakistani foreign office told in a statement that Turkish Police authorities have confirmed to the Consulate General of Pakistan about the rescue of victims from the harassment of abductors.

Now, the Pakistani Consulate General officials are in contact with the rescued men and legal formalities relating to issue or on their way by the Turkish authorities.

The victims who have been recovered from the custody are Fazal Amin, Abid, Usman Ali, Adil Ahmad, Ashbar Ahmad and Muhammad Zeeshan.

Earlier, Pakistani officials had informed the Turkish authorities after the video of brutal violence on abducted men became viral on social media. The young people had been to Turkey for earning an employment. According to reports, these were human traffickers who abducted the youngsters for ransom while few Pakistanis also facilitated them.

According to media reports, kidnappers were from Turk-Afghan ethnicity. Every year Many Pakistani try to make their way to Europe for landing a job due to high prospect in the continent, but they often fall prey to human smugglers.


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