KPK Heal;th reforms

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is increasing the scope of its reforms to generally ignored professions in the health sector.

Recently, Governor of KPK has approved the monthly health allowance at the flat rate of 10,000 for the staff of Health Department that include; Chief Pharmacist, Chief Drug Inspector, Senior Drug Inspector, Senior Drug Analyst, Senior Pharmacist, Senior Drug Inspector, Drug Analyst, Pharmacist, Drug Inspector, Chemist, Physiotherapist, Microbiologists and Biochemists.


Here, Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif need to take a note that basic need of people is to get better access to the health facilities, this is possible only when enough human resource is available to carry out research programs and find the preventive measures of disease control.  Khadim-e-Aala who thinks that roads and mass transit system is the solution to all the problems lacks the insight to actual factors necessary for human development.

KP Government health reforms

Khadim-e-Aala who thinks that highways and mass transit system is the answer to all the problems requires the insight to real factors necessary for human development. Punjab which is already facing disastrous crises in the field of health still it has not been able to prioritize its plans resulting in the unabated suffering of people.

Interestingly, all these professions that have got allowance by KPK government are not taken into account while considering benefits for staff of health department, because doctors always monopolize as being a significant member of staff.

In Pakistan, the professions of pharmacists, chemists, physiotherapists and other such other than doctors are considered very less privileged because they don’t have a scope. The students who have a good academic record in pre-graduate studies often refrain from choosing from such professions as they don’t find any prospects or a sound career with financial stability.

Very few students who manage to take education in these subjects start looking for jobs in foreign countries where there are not only opportunities, but their skills get well recognized, and they see a chance of grooming too.

Like any other sector, department of health also needs back from the latest research to benefit from the current knowledge and incorporate new things, but primary professions responsible for research don’t have any such funds and facilities that they can continue sincerely to find new horizons in this field.


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