Human and infrastructure development are two paths to be taken by governments for progress. But in Pakistan, both are missing for a long time. But it seems that elected representatives of the people are considering at least one of the two. The KP government is taking the first path by treating unaddressed issues.

The KPK government has purchased new coffins carrying to graveyards. They have also build air-conditioned bus stops as well besides establishing first first-ever cadet college of the province.

Nonavailability of transport to carry the coffins to graveyards is the major problem of Pakistanis. The KP government has taken lead by initiating step towards this important missing facility. Now the loved ones will be able to carry the coffins of their departed souls in a respectful manner to graveyards.

By taking such steps, the KP government has kept the words of Imran Khan the Chairman of ruling party in the province who had been reiterating that “his party believes in providing true relief to the public.”

KP school

Furthermore, the KP government also shared images of Air Conditioned bus stops on its official Twitter account that are constructed across the province. The PTI government also gets another feather in his cap by building first ever Girls Cadet College for women in the province.

But the revolutionary and much-needed step taken by KP government is the building of new cities. Administratively, it is absolutely necessary to build new cities in Pakistan, if it is not done the social and economic issues would culminate in psychological and law and order problems. The plight of the major cities like Lahore and Karachi is before us.

air conditioned bus stop
Air-Conditioned bus stop

KP government has signed four MOUs with FWO for the launch of two new cities and three other development projects. The agreement worth of 10.86 billion includes CPEC city, Model Town city and hydroelectric and construction projects.

As against Punjab government that policies that emphasize more on building roads and developing infrastructure the KP government believes in addressing the real life problems of the people of Pakistan.

The scarcity of means of communication is also a problem hunting the people of Pakistan. The Punjab government has performed exceptionally well in this field, but KP government remained unable to provide proper infrastructure. However, they have transformed education sector and claimed in a Twitter post that 10,4000 students had left private schools to join governments schools.

Infrastructure development is need of the hour, at the same time spending an excessive amount of wealth on the building of roads and bridges by cutting health and education expenditures is not wise. Governments need to develop a proper mix of policies to maintain good governance.



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