KPK Police treating brutally with accused

A recent video of KPK Police’s inhuman behavior with the accused has debunked the reality of void slogan of ‘change’ by the PTI.

The video that went viral on social media shows a handcuffed old man without a shirt, whom Police is treating miserably by asking to make the voices of dogs and cocks.

The man who is at the receiving end of this severe mental torture is begging pardon and asking to be relieved from such derogatory treatment.

PTI that brags about the KPK Police reforms like the online facility of lodging FIR has badly failed to incorporate a positive change in the behavior of the public servants who have become a source of misery and insult. Ironically, the party doesn’t miss a chance to point at any minor incident of corruption in Punjab Police but still fails to have an overhaul of its institutions.

How the party is going to defend itself as a custodian of justice when the police which comes under its jurisdiction is setting the new examples of disrespect and inhumane behavior to the citizens. Do our institutes understand the value of training the lower level employees who have to deal the public directly?

In Pakistan, we evidently lack the training of civil servants on the ethical norms; that’s why such incidents are becoming common in social media.


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