Krewella Pakistani American music band

Famous American music band Krewella just becomes another victim of the Indo-Pak clashes. The band was about to perform in the Sunburn Festival Goa, but could not make it to its destination due to Visa complications.

Members of the Krewella band are the two sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf who belong to the Pakistani heritage. They always tried to present a good image of the Pakistan to the world and represented the country through their music video.


Perhaps, this act of representation became their very sin that debarred them from the festival in Goa. The sisters were denied Indian Visa merely because they belonged to Pakistani heritage. On their Facebook page, the band also posted a note narrating the reasons of visa denial and lamenting on the Indo-Pak crises that are also jeopardizing the art.

Such incident proves that if a person is even American national then still he can’t be issued Indian Visa because he belongs to Pakistan heritage. It seems impossible for any artist to show his talent on another side of the border due to increased clashes between both the countries.

Art that enjoys the credit of being boundaryless very often becomes dependent upon these geopolitical demarcations. Since, the recent season of Indo-Pak clashes has begun following the Uri attack, art, and artists on both sides of the borders are suffering. Music, acting, literature and other fields have just surrendered before the egos of politicians on both sides of the frontier who keep the traditional rivalry alive for their concerns; after all, they need slogans to win elections that can storm the emotions of ignorant people who can do everything in the name of patriotism.


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