Laali – a woman without legs providing mobility to the people


There are many disabled people in the world but few, with high spirits despite lost legs. They don’t make their lost legs an excuse for doing nothing in life. The brave woman, Laali from Badin, the district of Sindh, also comes in the queue of those high-spirited ones. She is an epitome of courage and bravery for all the disabled people around the globe.

Laali had a physical deformity of legs by birth and was only six-years-old when she got kidnapped from Badin and was taken to Rawalpindi to beg forcefully by beggar mafia. However, she managed to escape from Rawalpindi to back to Badin but failed to find her parents; so she decided to stand up for herself for better survival.

Laali now lives in a slum in the suburban area of Badin, Tilhar, where opportunities and facilities, both are scarcely provided to people by the Government. However, she wanted to earn money so that she can provide for herself rather than opting to beg.

“I have thought why I should beg when Allah has given me hands to work. So what, if He has not given me legs, I can still work to provide for myself,” Laali said.

The courageous Laali went against all the odds dauntlessly and managed to leave for work. She asked one of the garage owners named Riaz, for the work of a mechanic.

“I have asked Riaz Bhai to teach me the mechanical work, but he told me that you are a woman, how you would do this? I said to him, what if I am a woman? I can still work no matter what,” Laali further apprised.

She travels every day through local bus from slum to her workplace, facing all the complications in her way. But still, the steely woman’s morale and spirit are way too high that an abled person cannot match her courage.

People around has criticized and mocked Laali for going out for work; she has been harassed by many, but despite all these hurdles, the courageous woman has rebelliously gone against all the stereotypical customs and societal pressures to attain work and earn for better survival.

“Let people talk,” Laali remarked soberly. 

She is a face of brave Pakistani women and a true mark of courage. Laali had it all that a strong woman must possess; the only thing she lacked, is good or even primary education. If this epitome of bravery would have given proper education which is the State’s responsibility to provide to the citizens, then she would be a wonder woman in an academic field too.

Muniba Mazari being disabled Pakistani is as courageous as Laali. The iron lady, Muniba, due to her education is now touching the peak of her success, and without it, she would not be able to prosper as she is prospering now from being a successful artist to UN ambassador.

If only Government would give proper attention to slums and remote areas of Pakistan, then people like Laali could do wonders. Despite all the problems, the dauntless Laali has learned the art of aspiring to inspire and turning her adversity into opportunity. She became her own hero because she didn’t find any.


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