Indian hackers

Lahore District Government website has been hacked by the Indian hackers, who also ran a message along with an audio song paying tribute to Indian Army,

Indian hackers expressed this attempt as revenge from the Pakistani hackers; the message left by them on website said,

“Pakistani kids keep a distance from the Indian Server. It is Payback for Hacking Indian Site.”

Lahore District government website hackedby Indian Hackers

Almost more than 7 hours have passed since the event took place, but Punjab government has failed to initiate any act. We just wonder how it vows to build safe and secure Pakistan since it is not able to prevent and take action against hacking attempts from India that can result in loss of strategic data.

Cyber war between India and Pakistan is rising from the last few months; it spurred after tensions increased following the Uri attack.

In October, Pakistani hackers had made Indian pilots listen to the famous Pakistani national song, Dil Dil Pakistan sang by Junaid Jamshed.

As a result of this India launched an attack on the websites of Pakistani airports like Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad, Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar, Jinnah International Hospital Karachi and Multan International Airport.

The story didn’t end here, Indian agencies also attempted to steal the data of ordinary Pakistani people by getting access to their smartphones through a link. They spread a malicious link for downloading Whatsapp video feature that was juts launched. Later, it was found that it was an attempt to access the data of smartphone users through hacking.

Internet traffic passes through India before reaching Pakistan; Army reveals


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