Laila Mein Laila Zeenat Aman to Sunny Leone

Hit Bollywood song Laila O Laila has reemerged on screen as the Laila Mein Laila, but it is not only the change is not only slight converting “O” to “Mein,” much more has happened between the gap of these two songs spread over a timespan of more than two and half decades.

Laila Mein Laila, the hit song of Raees starring Sunny Leone with Shahrukh Khan, is a remake of the Zeenat Aman and Amjad Khan’s Laila O Laila in Qurbani; a Bollywood movie from 1980.

The stunning look of the Sunny Leone and her outstanding performance has once again refreshed the memories of Zeenat Aman’s vibrant and fantastic look in the old song that became a super hit of its time. Perhaps, it is the remake of the superhit song of the past that’s why it amassed more than 8 million views withing first 20 hours of its release.

Trailer of Raees is just out speaking volumes about Mahira Khan’s role

Although, much more has changed in these 26 years but making a comparison between both the songs and actresses reveals that an element of elegance and class was rife in boldness with entertainment in the Bollywood videos of the 80s.

Apart from providing a fresh wave of entertainment song provides sufficient grounds for making comparisons between two remarkable eras in the Bollywood with special reference to item songs and performances featured in them.

One thing is sure that subject of expression is the same, way of saying is the same, but this time with more boldness, as per requirements of the modern time.


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