LESCO complaints filed

All the major electricity suppliers in Pakistan have badly failed to meet the demands of consumers in an adequate way, as piles of complaints on behalf of customers reached the Federal Ombudsman.

In a report about its three years of performance, Federal Ombudsman disclosed that it acted upon One lakh seventy thousand five hundred forty-six (170546) complaints overall that consumers filed against the major electricity supplying companies in Pakistan.

Lesco topped the list of complaints on behalf of consumers; PEPCO fell on seconds position, and K-electric stood at the third positions.

Users turned to the Federal Ombudsman mainly because they suffered issues of departmental corruption in the matter of overbilling on behalf of electricity distributors. Many consumers also complained about the inefficiency of companies to provided the new power connections.

  • Complaints Registered against LESCO: 5713
  • Complaints registered against IESCO: 4145
  • Complaints registered against FESCO:7672
  • Complaints registered against PEPCO: 28463
  • Complaints registered against K-Electric: 24820

Reports also disclosed that public was given relief in most of the cases, while only a few decisions were for electricity companies, while only in the case of 0.78 percent case, companies appealed to the President for reconsideration of decisions, among these only 0.02 percent applications were sent back to for rehearing.

The issue is indeed complex as electricity suppliers don’t have proper arrangements to combat the effects of weather. In the start of winter, the entire system of the LESCO collapsed as it could not withstand the winter fog.

Pakistan is facing the worst power crises in the history, if we admit that overcoming the load shedding is not in control of distributing companies then why don’t they efficiently do what is in their control. The crimes of electricity theft are very common in provinces like Sindh, but consumers in other areas have to pay the price. Further, the issue of overbilling that is the primary reason. For complaints filed with Federal Ombudsman.


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