Massive Power Outage

Citizens of Lahore are deprived of electricity due to a massive power cut. The whole system of Lesco has been tripped since 2 am in the night. According to the Lesco, the cause of power failure is fog.

Lesco cannot stand a slight change in temperature. The system gets tripped in summer and winter.

We fetch water from the pipelines with the help of electric motors, so basically, today citizens of Lahore have no electricity and no water at all.

Samnabad, Iqbal Town, Mustafa town, Shahdra, Johar Town, Green Town, Faisal Town, Bhati Gate, Lohari Gate, the whole central Lahore and other areas in Lahore are facing power failure since last night.

117 out of 120 grid stations are not working due to weather.

Millions of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO)’s consumers in almost whole Lahore are facing extreme difficulties in performing routine work. People are unable to take a bath, iron clothes or make breakfast.

People are facing difficulties in reaching schools and offices.

Contact numbers of the concerned XEN and SDO are mentioned on the electricity bills so that consumers can contact them in the case of emergency. Some people told Outlook Pakistan that none of the concerned officials taking their calls.

Is this 21st Century? Lesco has forced people to go in fields for nature call as no water in washrooms.

Where is Minister of state for water and power, Abid Sher Ali? Does he know his role well? If someone finds him, do tell us, we think that the only chore performed by this minister is to blame Imran Khan and defend Nawaz in panamagate.

Pakistan’s electricity distribution system is a complex – and delicate – the web. A major fault at one section often leads to chain reactions and breakdowns of power generation and transmission. It is not the first time that we are experiencing such massive power cut and earlier a blackout. It has become a routine matter.

Do authorities have any plan to end this muddle once for all?

If Lesco cannot stand the hot and cold weather, what they like? Just spring weather? For God sake, it was not that Lahore is having extreme cold like -10 degree centigrade. Shame!!

Poor governance, incompetence, lack of transparency, distribution and transmission losses (a euphemism for theft), have made powering Pakistan a transmission Impossible.

Nawaz Sharif has stated that he will be ending load shedding in Pakistan. Sir what about these power failures, transmission issues? Do you have any policy regarding updating the system?


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