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Ever since we were kids, we’ve met with a few lies that almost everyone is told when they are young as well. Every Pakistani must have heard these lies at least once in their life

1.”Beta bas matric karlo, iskay baad parhayi bohot asaan hay!”

As if college and university are really easy na? Biggest lie we were told!

2. Every teacher ever: Iss se zayada badtameez class meine ajj tak nahien dekhi!

Guess you’re just a bad teacher and no one likes you a lot.

3. Every person in local stores ever: Yeh original hay Baji, hum fake nahien bechta!

Haan jese you expect me to believe that you’re selling a Gucci ka wallet for Rs. 2000 that has a Channel logo over it?

4. “Kisi ajnabi se toffee nahien leni, andar zeher mila ke deingay”

And we always wondered how strangers mix poison in toffees.

5. Every toothpaste is a Doctor’s recommendation

Hum konsi use karain phir?

6. Doodh peeya karo, gorray hojaogay!

Well, scientifically, its not true.

7. Fairness creams help your skin lighten!

And they also help your skin get messed up with rashes and acne. Besides, the results are never long lasting, they’re only there till the time you’re using the creams, and disappear as soon as you stop.

8. Every Pakistani mother ever: Badaam khaya karo, dimagh taiz hoga!

Mera tou wese ka wesa he hay.

9. Shart lagani hay? Bolo kitnay ki? 5000 dega?

Yet another lie, mujhay pehle he pata tha tu ne haar ke mujhay paisay nahien denay.

10. When travelling from one city to another when we were kids:

“Have we reached yet? Have we reached yet? Have we reached yet?”

Wait only 10 minutes beta, abhi pohanch jayeinge bas.

The 10 minutes don’t end for at least 3 hours.

11. Every Doctor ever: Don’t worry beta, injection se zara dard nahien hoti

Jhoot. Sarasar jhoot bola gaya hay mere saath judge sahib!

12. Lies told in a kapray ki dukaan:

-Bhai ye kitne ka hay?

“Baaji, 1200 rupay gaz”

Itna zayada?! Wo pehle wala bhai kahan gaya? usko bulao zara.

Acha baji, app 600 main le lo.

13. “Jis insaan ki kasam khatay ho wo marjata hay!”

Achi baat hai.

14. “Jiraabain pehen ke nahien sotay, dimagh chota hojata hay”

Un logon ka kiya jinka pidayishi dimagh chota hai?

15. “Uthjao! 8 bajj gaye hain! School nahien jana?”

*In reality its only 6:30 A.M”


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