British Pakistanis make up the most backward community in England

A recent survey report by the British Government has revealed that British Pakistanis make up the most backward community amongst all the other communities of England.

The Survey

The study that revealed these shocking results spans over the time of one year and contains data from 2015. The purpose of this inquiry conducted by the British government was to analyze how different communities in England were effectively succeeding to merge themselves with British society. As a result of the study findings Pakistani community came out to be the most backward community in England.


British Pakistani Men

Shockingly Pakistani origin men in British were found to be three times more unemployed than the White Britains. Such economic situation just implies that community is suffering the worst marginalization due to lack of skills, knowledge and inadequate knowledge about speaking English.

In the time when London has a Pakistani mayor such situation of Pakistani community indicates the issue lies in incompetency of the people.

Deprived condition of British Pakistani Women

Another shocking revelation of the survey was the status of Pakistani women, almost 57% of these are unemployed while only 255 of white women don’t have jobs.

Here is a lesson that living in England is insufficient to guarantee a decent career unless and until one doesn’t have qualification skills and necessary knowledge.

There is no doubt that overseas Pakistani whether they live in America, Europe or Arab countries have to suffer so many issues, like Visa, residence or problems related to work. We have to admit that many of their worries are also related to their unwillingness to incorporate in a new society that often marginalizes them.

For British Pakistanis the margin of prosperity and development is there as they are the second largest minority in the country, what they need is just not to hesitate from learning the English and skills so that they can become more functional.


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