Greater Iqbal Park

Greater Iqbal Park that was constructed after merging the areas between Badshahi Mosque and the old Iqbal Park. The New Park was inaugurated on 9th November and reopened for the public. For the first time, Greater Iqbal Park had served as the venue for Chrysanthemum Flowers exhibition. The exquisite flowers displayed in different natural shapes, views of colourful water fountains, lush green plots and stunning sceneries made the park a worth watch.

It is for the first time that such flower show was arranged in this park, even the recent exhibition’s venue was Jilani Park, and it was shifted to the Greater Iqbal Park later on Friday.

For Sure these ladies couldn’t miss a chance to be part of this extraordinary sight of flower heart and flower peacocks.

Flower Show at Greater Iqbal Park


And yes this ecstatic and rather mesmerising look of the Iqbal Park due to the colourful view of water fountains.

Stunning water fountain at Greater Iqbal Park


Is not it more astonishing and eye opening.

Yes, this is not a view of river Tames in London this is also not a new year’s eve in any western country. This is our very own Pakistan and our Iqbal Park that we used to visit from years just to pay tribute to our nation and see the glory of Minar-e-Pakistan.


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