Look! How much CM Punjab subordinates love his absence


Soon as the CM Punjab left for China for the OBOR function, the entire government in Punjab came to a standstill position. It was a sign of breath for few and holidays for many department’s heads. Nobody came to the office in succeeding days, and a cartoon published in daily Jung depicted the whole story in a little humorous way that clearly showed that how depressed and suppressed government servants are under the leadership of Shehbaz Sharif.

Reports reveal that absence of CM made everyone happy as if they were on Eid holidays. No one wanted to work after having been abused for weeks and months. They all wanted to spend some time with their friends and families, and so they did.

The sketched image shared proudly by CM Punjab on his official Twitter page. So, the grounds was open for Pakistani social media worries. There came with a torrent of interesting comments on the post.

One says the CM a “Drama Baz” other called him ludicrous. One annoyed youth of the nation commented that “Chinese like him, so they should keep CM with them” we don’t need such executive of the province.

CM Punjab

The proud of CM will go done when he would read such pure thoughts of people. Someone among the commentator said, “they are happy because they will get some days to avoid illegalities and practice and will get rest to serve landlords.”

It appears from the post that CM wanted to depict himself a hardworking leader who is strict with government employees to serve the people. But, respected CM public senses all your gestures.

Some mature people manage to found the real cause of happiness of the Secretariat employees. A commentator said that “this didn’t happen had you made some system of governance instead of acting.”

There is no denying the fact that CM Punjab is a hard working politician and a good administrator. But, by no means can strictness be equated with better administration. Though the image was entertaining but it expressed reality.

In fact, the picture portrayed the management system followed by venerated CM Punjab. It depicted that the bureaucracy revolves around a single person, which means there is no concept of delegation of authority and responsibilities. It showed that without a powerful person on higher slot There would be no relief for a layman.

Instead of proudly spreading image the CM should look deep inside it. It is impossible to serve the masses without a proper system of administration with the division of responsibilities.

Mr. CM should understand that an aged person tortured by Police cannot get justice because the executive of the province was busy and could not take notice; while a child who is forced to labour on brick kilns gets justice because he manages to take notice.

However, now the CM has returned, and his subordinates will have to wait for his another departure either from office or from the government.


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