Boxer Amir Khan video in old Lahore

British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan’s sting challenge ad has got something very special for the people who find themselves mesmerized by the tradition and culture of Old Lahore.

The video that features Amir Khan in a red hoodie is a masterpiece by young Pakistani filmmaker Bilal Lashari who exquisitely captured the scenes of the walled city.

The video if not deliberately then inadvertently glorifies the interior Lahore along with its culture and traditions.

Here is how Old Lahore is depicted in Amir Khan’s sting challenge ad.

Dehli gate Lahore in sting challenge by Amir Khan

View of old Wazir Khan Mosque located in the heart of Lahore reveals how the city’s aerial view looks this awesome.

Wazir Khan Mosque

Amir Khan is playing Kabadi (a famous game of interior Lahore) with wrestlers. The game can be regarded as Oriental boxing.

Kabadi in Interior Lahore

Congested streets of interior Lahore and roofs adjacent to each other perhaps this is the reason why indigenous people live in more harmony with each other.

Congested streets of Lahore

Boxing with clothes hanging on roofs, this is the funniest part of this video.

Boxing with clothes hanging at roofs

Yes, Lahore and food are quite inseparable entities, in fact, both define each other.

Food in Lahore

Starting fro Dehli Gate and ending at Minar-e-Pakistan, the video is an excellent glorification of the walled city, its narrow streets, joint houses with unique architecture and lively people.

Art, culture history, people and tradition, Bilal Lashari has utilized all his filmmaking acumen to bring best out of the walled city. Perhaps it is an experience gained from the California’s action choreographers he had hired to train Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi for his film Maula Jutt that he has made Amir Khan look this good in acting for such stunts.

The video that challenges the youth (visible chasing the star in the ad) to do such dare can be harmful as youngsters might be tricked to perform dangerous stunts without being familiar with the technique. Apart from this, it has proved to be a sigh of relief for the boxer who was already disturbed with the scandals emerging from his personal life one after the other.


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