PSL 2017 Picthes

All the glory of PSL 2017 has started fading away which is quite evident from the first few matches of the tournament with low scoring and sporadic audience in the ground.

This season of PSL has proved that all the promises made at glitzy opening ceremony were merely a deception as game has failed to provide anything exciting. First the opening match of PSL was hit by a corruption scandal following the news of players being involved in spot fixing. Secondly,the cricket stadium are becoming devoid of any spectators as crowd has started pulling out due to low scoring turn around.

In the opening ceremony of tournament, PSL Chairman Najam Sethi had announced that PCB has particularly focused on the pitches that are friendly for sixes and fours, but reality debunked in the match between Lahore Qalandars and Peshawar Zalmi where all the players of the former team went back to pavilion leaving a target of only 60 scores for the opponent.

In the first six matches of tournament only three matches were able to set a scoring target above 140. Substandard pitches are turning out to be hostile for sixes and fours, making it hard for the score board to cross three digits figure. Consequently, crowd have started pulling out of the ground depriving the cricket grounds of U.A.E off the spectators.

Such low level of score is alarming and enough to end the excitement of fans who know that scores in such cricket league usually go up to 260 runs, as it is very common in case of IPL (Indian Premier League).

No wonders, that PSL is saying this fate, as its management is in the hands of layman who only know to create sensation through their tv talk shows, if tv anchors are chairing a cricket  tournament then fans should refrain to expect high standard pitches that would promise an exciting game.

Further, the scandals of PSL players being involved in corruption has also weakened the trust of cricket fans on the management which is in hot waters for failing to make the tournament free and transparent. Every day the disclosure about involvement of another player in corruption scandal also makes audience to wonder if they are watching a real game soaked in sports spirit or witnessing how gambling works.


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