Lower Dir Police Launches Photography Competition on Social Media


Lower Dir Traffic Police has initiated a photography competition on social media for promoting the positive image of the area among the tourists and highlighting the beautiful spots of the hill station.

The competition has been commenced on the official Facebook page of the authority where they have invited citizens to post their camera clicks for other users to see, like and comment.

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“There is no restriction regarding the equipment used to capture the scenic beauty, one can opt for mobile phone camera or DSLR, but the photo should be the original one not downloaded from the internet,” said Hashmatullah, Lower Dir Traffic Police, Head of Education Unit.

Up to Rs. 3000 will be awarded as cash prizes to the top 5 most liked photos while the real-time likes and comments can be seen on the official Facebook page of the traffic police.
The top five pictures will also be adorned at the famous squares of the district and the public libraries.

Until now more than 100 pictures have been uploaded on the page, and the response from the general public is impressive. If you don’t want to upload your own image, you can encourage the participants by liking their submissions meanwhile cherishing the beauty of the Lower Dir.

The contest will be continued till Friday night while the results will be announced a day after.


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