The two Pakistani young singers from Sindh and Balochistan have proved that there is no lack of talent in Pakistan. Baloch rapper Abid Barohi and the Rohri boy Jahangeer Salim have just endowed the Pakistan with new voices that can surely echo on the music scene for decades to come.

Earlier Abid Barohi a Baloch was spotted by the documentary filmmaker Raza Shah at Sibi Mela as he covered the festival. Errand boy Abid used to do odd jobs for his living. At Sibi Mela he was serving refreshment to the guests but who knew the man’s luck is going to change as he was soon on his way to reveal his talent.

Pakistan’s music streaming platform Patari didn’t take enough time in thinking to provide the rapper with an opportunity to showcase his talent. As part of the Patari’s new series Tabeer, that features the unrecognized singers of Pakistan from far different areas of Pakistan, Abid sang a rap, The Sibbi Song, in Balochi, Sindhi, and Urdu language. The song went viral for claiming a comparison of Abid with internationally known rapper Eminem.

Chitta Chola by Jahangir Salim

Another discovery by Patari is the Jahangir Salim, an office boy who serves tea and now going to be an icon of Pakistani folk music. The young singer collaborated with music producer Abbas Ali Khan for his song with Patari that inevitably makes the listener sway in amusement. The song after being released on Youtube managed to get more than 10,000 views within few hours of its release.

Abid and Jahangir are a blow of fresh breeze in Pakistani music scenario and an addition of new colors to an already colorful spectrum. Hopefully, both singers would make it to the next season of Coke Studio, or any other music platform that would surely polish their talent and groom them to become a strong voice blended in entertainment.


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