Mahershala Ali's Oscar win

The ceremony of the Oscars Awards in Trump’s America has once again made the religious prejudices and conspiracy theories to re-echo in Pakistan.

People are trolling the false announcement for the award of the best picture and talking about Asghar Farhadi’s absence from the ceremony as a protest to Trump’s Muslim Ban. Meanwhile, conflict about the status of Ahmadis in Pakistani society is resurging on social media as Mahershala Ali; an Ahmadi won his Oscars Award for his role as a drug dealer in Moonlight.

Maleeha Lodhi, the Pakistan’s ambassador to the US first congratulated Mahershala on his success through a Twitter post, later when it turned actor was an Ahmadi, she removed the Tweet, as Ahmadis are outlawed from Muslim community due to their beliefs. Maleeha Lodhi had mentioned Mahershala as Muslim in her Tweet.

The issue is that Pakistan can only claim the win of a Muslim winner. Endorsing an Ahmadi would be a much controversial thing, Perhaps, Pakistani ambassador realized this fact and removed her previous Tweet.

It seems that prestigious Academy Awards are hell bent on awarding the artists who are doing their best to distort the image of Pakistan. The reason that made Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy who directed a documentary on Pakistan’s Honor Killing Victims and women who were thrown acid on their faces to win an Oscar for the best documentary makers It is not a coincident but a well-planned conspiracy has inevitably unleashed.

This year they have hit a more sensitive issue and awarded Oscar to an Ahmadi, member of the community that is often subject to the prejudice due to its religious beliefs. A hostile attitude towards Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan doesn’t need proof as the case is much evident in the form of Dr. Abdussalam, Pakistani physicist and Noble Laureate whose prize as a result of his continuous work in Physics became a victim of conspiracy theories, that man was awarded because he belonged to Ahmadiyya community.

We are living in a world of conflicts of interests and beliefs among the individuals. It is surely not possible to endorse an idea or a faith that we don’t believe in; this doesn’t imply that we should show disrespect or bigotry to a person who approves them.


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