Mahinder Pal Singh, firstever Sikh becomes a part of Pakistani cricket team


Mahinder Pal SinghMahinder Pal Singh has become the first ever Pakistani Sikh to make his way into PCB’s National Cricket Academy (NCA). He is also selected among the top 30 cricketers at the academy.

The tiny Sikh community of Pakistan that consists of 20,000 members in total has finally got a chance to represent the country in cricket, a game that inevitably unites the entire Pakistani nation.

It is unusual for any member of the Sikh community to enter in the national level cricket arena of the country. Seven members of other minority communities have also played a major role in international cricket on behalf of the Pakistan, five amongst these were Christians while two were Hindus. Wallis Mathias, Duncan Sharpe, Antao D’Souza, Anil Dalpat, Sohail Fazal, Danesh Kaneria and Yousaf Youhana (Muhammad Yousaf), were the Pakistani cricketers who came from the minorities.

For Mahinder Pal Singh, who lives in Nankana Sahib, birthplace of the Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh religion, it was not such an easy thing as he first had to convince his father Dr. Harjeet Singh who wanted his son to secure his future by earning a degree in medicine or any such field, but he finally had to surrender to the passion of Mahinder Singh.

Mahinder Pal Singh with his family in PCB
Photo Credit: ESPN Cricinfo

According to an article in espncricinfo, Mahinder said, “I don’t know how far I will go, but I want to give it a shot, at least to live my dream.”But if I lose my way, I have a degree to secure my future. That way I will not go away with a regret that I didn’t try to fulfill my dream.”

It is very unusual for minority communities to enter in professions that are strong and guarantee the financial security. In such situation, if someone makes a bold decision of pursuing his passion in sports and represent his country that it is indeed worth making headlines, as it has set a precedent for rest of the members to openly make the career choices while mixing freely with rest of the fellow citizens.


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