Mahira Khan

No wonders why the Mahira Khan’s admiration of Ayesha Khan is making the news, as Pakistani film actresses have a history of giving statements against their fellow stars.

One major reason behind the demise of Pakistani film industry was that leading heroines continued off-screen fighting with each other merely because of jealousy or with a sole intent of maintaining the monopoly. Now when the Pakistani film industry is on the road to revival, the actors are also exhibiting a positive attitude and more tolerant behavior for their colleagues.

Film actress Meera also remained highlights for saying that Mahira Khan doesn’t know how to act, so stop wasting time by watching her movies.

The recent blow of fresh air in this regard is the Mahira ¬†Khan’s appreciation of Ayesha Khan’s acting in the form of a comment on an Instagram post of lifestyle magazine Something Haute that admired Ayesha Khan’s acting in Khuda Mera Bhi Hai.

As the many people commented on the post and showed their admiration for the gorgeous Ayesha, Mahira Khan also felt no hesitation in praising the fabulous acting of the lady.


Later, Ayesha Khan also acknowledged Mahira’s appreciation and thanked her for honoring her in turn.



Ayesha Khan has undoubtedly proved her brilliant acting skills in her recent works like Jawani Phir Nahi Aani, and T.V play Mann Mayel, where the character of Jeena, became a social media hit.

Such admiration on behalf of Mahira Khan, who has already stepped into Bollywood by doing her debut film Raees, is indeed a good omen. If actresses continue the tradition of appreciating each other and maintain a healthy competition, then it would benefit the Pakistani film industry which is on its way to revival.



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