Mahira Khan has recently presented at the Global Teachers Awards in Dubai and paid tribute to her teachers, but what is making headlines is his backstage interaction with Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor.

In a viral video, that shows Raees actress caught on the camera while getting into an argument with the Jaga Jasoos actor Ranbir Kapoor. Both celebrities were spotted together in red carpet in a pleasant mood and also remained center if attraction throughout the meet and greet of the event.

But what is causing tension is a backstage scene where Mahira Khan can be seen explaining something to Ranbir in fierce arguments. Unfortunately, no sounds could be heard as the camera only captured the footage, so all the speculations roaming around social media are trying to highlight something serious between the Indo-Pak showbiz celebs that has caused them to discuss a certain matter with such curiosity.

Irrespective of the fact, that no voice is audible, news websites are spreading narrative that Mahira Khan is pleading Ranbir for something. The reality can be best explained only by Mahira or Ranbir.

Apart from all this Mahira Ranbir furor, there is a proud moment for Pakistanis that Salima Begum an educator from Gilgit-Baltistan made to the top 10 teachers around the globe. The award for the best teacher was awarded to Maggie MacDonnell from Canada.

While paying tribute to her teachers Mahira gave them credit for bringing stardom out of a shy girl. Mahira said, “A few minuted are just not enough to recount all the memories I have and all the influence my teachers used to have had.”


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