Major Uqbah Malik

According to a report by BBC Asian Network, Major Uqbah Malik has become the first ever Pakistani to train the Britain armed forces in British Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. He is also the first ever Muslim to command and instruct a regular commissioning course in the academy since its inception in 1741.

Major Uqbah had graduated from the same institute in 2007 along with Prince William.

After passing out, Major Uqbah served in Waziristan along with his Sindh Regiment of which he is a part. He took part in an operation against terrorism and hence he has gained a considerable expertise on the matter of combating insurgency and fighting the terrorists.

While talking to BBC, Major Uqbah Malik said, “When I graduated from Sandhurst in 2007 I reported back to my battalion the first Sindh Regiment in Waziristan,”. While talking about the leadership skill and their origin at the time of crises he further added, “When you’re in the thick of the bullets and see your and your troops’ life in danger then real leadership skill needs to come out… that’s what I think I bring back with all the other British officers who go into Afghanistan and Iraq or other countries and have come back,”

Major Uqbah Malik who was also awarded the Sword of Honour at British Royal Military Academy at Sanderhust would also lead to a strengthening of the relationship between Pakistan and Britain.


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