Malaysia’s under -16 cricket team is on an official visit to Pakistan for playing matches with Pakistani under-16 cricket team.

The teams would play a three ODIs two twenty-twenty matches. The first match of the one-day series is being played today in Qaddafi Stadium Lahore.

Here is the video of Malaysian under 16 cricket team playing with Pakistan at Qaddafi Stadium Lahore.

Visit of any international team in Pakistan is indeed a great news as it would just boost the confidence of other foreign teams to come and play in Pakistan. After the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009, doors for International sports in Pakistan had closed.

Malaysia's under 16 cricket team in Pakistan
Photo; Outlook Pakistan

Earlier, the Zimbabwe cricket team had visited Pakistan in 2015, due to which Pakistani fans were able to feast upon international sports event on home ground after a long time.

The next season of the PSL is about to starts in the next month, with the schedule already finalized. PCB has announced to hold final at Qaddafi Stadium Lahore. The board has also made arrangements to provide a fool proof security to the international players in the league.

With the cricket match of an international team in Pakistan and then PSL final in home soul would definitely pave the way for the restoration of international cricket in Pakistan.


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