Man caught on camera while behaving brutally with Dolphin force


This video of a citizen misbehaving and abusing a security personnel on the road is making us rethink if we live in a civilized society.

A man is caught on camera while hurling invectives on Dolphin force in the Fortress Stadium, a posh market in Lahore. It seems that Dolphin personnel have stopped him after suspecting him for the violation but instead of cooperating with the law enforcement agency he behaves like a crook and starts threatening them.

The man who is shouting at Dolphin men might not have done anything like violating the law, but it is his duty to keep calm and cooperate with the law enforcement authorities to make sure that any unpleasant incident doesn’t take place, He might be right in his claim but the way he is behaving and responding is not right by any mean.

Dolphin force that was founded by the Punjab government to control street crimes and keep the law and order situation sound in the city but how come its fruits are going to be reaped by the common man if he is personally not willing to operate.

In Pakistan Police has to bear the tarnished image of being a poor administrator and icon of bribe culture. But no one dares to point out the mistakes of citizens who consider themselves above the law. And if any law representative of law enforcement authority wants them to cooperate, then they immediately lose their temper, become out of control and do their best to make sure that cop who has dared to stop them realizes his mistake he has not even committed.

To enjoy civil liberty while living in society, a member has to fulfill his duty. Considering such duties, a humiliation can lead to an anarchic society whose members are always at loggerheads with each other.


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