Old man challenge to Pindi Boys

Thanks to social media that everyone knows about self-introductory Pindi Boys that now enjoy the status of a well-established brand regarding their distinct social behavior, But this old man from Rawalpindi has got something more amazing and crazy.

The white-bearded man who is probably in the mid-60s or 70s not only lifts a motorbike heavy up to 120 kg but also, goes up the ladder to load it on the roof of a Hiace.

Fitness, bravery, courage, hard work, real life weight lifting show and what not, this video tells everything.

In modern times, when a sound health has become a rare commodity even for the youngsters, such exhibition of fitness by an aging man is indeed amazing, but his act has got lessons for us.

Firstly, the hardworking is not all about age; doesn’t matter how many years of life a person has passed or whether he is on verge of leaving for heavenly abode; there should be motivation to pursue the life and continue strenuous work not to keep it going but to make it meaningful.

Secondly, the lesson is the fitness, which is being neglected in the world where people have to sit more than 10 hours being glued to the computer screens and then go to bed with stomachs filled with food.

Even if someone tries to pay attention to body fitness, then he often adopts a myopic approach, thinking that going to the gym, playing with dumbells or walking on a treadmill are enough tasks. In fact, a regular fitness can be drawn from a daily basis physical activity. If this courageous man in the video had given up his work then at this age he wouldn’t have been able to carry such heavyweight to height, despite being a body builder.

And Yes, Pindi has not only Shiekh Rasheed to entertain the nation with heroic stunts, it has much more to offer.


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