Pakistan mannequin challenge

What is Mannequin Challenge which is getting more viral than Black Friday even? The students from Jacksonville, Florida, initiated the challenge where participants stand frozen in the same still position and the song Black Beatles by Rae Serummurd plays in the background.

Becoming viral from the hashtag of #mannequinchallenge on Social media portals like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, the trend soon became viral throughout the world.

Initially, it was not limited to a particular group, but now various sports teams and athletes around the globe are doing this challenge in the form of a team and posting the videos.

The most entertaining and viral videos are those where people are standing awkward and difficult to sustain positions like mannequins. Even in Pakistan many societies, groups, sports teams and various student bodies in universities took their time out to shoot a video that depicted the challenge in the best way.

Here is how different groups in Pakistan to be still like a Mannequin
Recess Mannequin Challenge by FCC (Forman Christian College)
Mannequin Challenge by Shack
Mannequin Challenge in Fitness Club
Mannequin Challenge in Subway Karachi

One can say that this is not a challenge to remain still and frozen in difficult positions but it simply shows how people move in their daily lives and how these movements seem to be when recorded randomly by a moving camera.


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