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In the current time when the slogan of women empowerment is echoing from all the corners of the world, voices against the critical issue of Marital rape are also gaining more strength. The discussion whether the Pakistani law recognizes this act as a crime or not and whether victims find enough courage to speak against is just another discussion. There are certain social norms firmly embedded in the world in general and Pakistan in particular that pave the way for such heinous acts. Before we overhaul the law, we have to take a look at society for probing the actual cause of marital rape.

Before we overhaul the law, we have to take a look at society for probing the actucal cause of marital rape.

What is Marital Rape

In a marital relationship when one partner imposes his will on the other while causing a sexual, physical and emotional abuse to the other partner hurting his feelings and self-esteem, then it becomes a crime known as marital rape. In a patriarchal society, such act is prominent on behalf of the male partner, leaving the female partner as the victim.

Even Victims don’t recognize if the issue exists

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This is one of the causes of this disease that even victims fail to realize if anything like marital rape exists. Unfortunately, in the relation of marriage, it is considered the moral duty of the wife to cater to any such needs of her husband. The issue has become such routine that no one feels it something unusual. Just ask any random educated Pakistani woman about her stance on the issue she would just be bleak and wonder if any such thing exists.

They don’t want to speak up about it as they fear social alienation

In Pakistani society, females can hardly talk about the domestic violence even to their families because they fear that it may end their marriage and live the life as a divorcee would complicate their lives as for a girl who is living a post-separation life is not welcomed in our society. As far as the issue of Marital rape is considered no female who is a victim and recognizes her exploitation can explicitly reveal this to her parents, because either they don’t provide enough room for their girl to speak on such think deemed as bold, or they never consider it as an offense.

Girls feel a religious binding on them

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There is no doubt that Islam advocates for the equality of all the genders regarding rights, and it strictly prohibits the exploitation of any social group. The fact is that females are capable of surpassing the men in every field.  Unfortunately, people use religion to prove the legitimacy of their top status.

Same is the case of with the females, by threatening them with the consequences of hell and God’s wrath husbands can easily get a license to make their wives’ lives hell and show their wrath upon them.

It is a perception that religion makes it compulsory for the females to cater to the every sort of desire of their husbands, So the fact the girls consider it religiously obligatory to endure physical abuse, even it is not in actual.

Man as the financial figurehead of the family

In an average eastern society where man bears the burden of earning a living, the traditional relationship between husband and wife implies that all the financial needs of the woman have to be met by his man. Now, when the man has to strive hard for providing shelter, food, and clothing to his female partner, he feels it okay to do whatever he wants to do with him. As a result, man develops a feeling that her husband is his property and he can do whatever he wants to


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