Maryam Nawaz criminal offense

The daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the newest member of the Sharif Family’s politics, Maryam Nawaz has been accused by JIT of submitting false documents, conducting a criminal offense.

She has been charged with signing false documents and misleading the court along with her brother Hasan and Hussain Nawaz, and husband Muhammad Safdar.

JIT said, ‘ Prime Minister’s daughter also accumulated assets disproportionate to known sources of income.’

But some experts still think that this might not disturb Maryam Nawaz’s plan to enter politics, as it has been clear for several months now that Maryam Nawaz would be an active member of elections 2018.

JIT reported that she has been heavy gifts ranging from Rs 73.5 million to Rs 830.73 million between the period of 2009 to 2016; this statement does not make things difficult for her.

Supreme Court will start hearing the case from July 17 onwards and decide whether to send a reference against her or not.

A former deputy prosecutor general of NAB, Raja Amir Abbas said that Maryam Nawaz can participate in the elections until the charges against her are proven; not being a member of the parliament, saves her from article 62 and 63, he also added.

He also said that if the matter was sent to NAB by Apex court, it can send a reference to Maryam Nawaz on the basis of JIt accusation without reinvestigating it.

Barrister Mohammad Saeed, a former additional deputy prosecutor general of NAB,  said that around 70pc of politicians appear before NAB for inquiries, references, and investigations and are allowed to take part in the elections by filing an appeal against the conviction until proven guilty.

But if Supreme Court confirms the allegations against Maryam Nawaz, she might be disqualified from contesting in elections.

But if the Apex Court this matter to NAB, she could possibly contest the elections.



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