Maryam Nawaz Should NOT have been called by JIT


Maryam Nawaz to appear before JIT today and according to the PML-N members she should not be disrespected by asking to do so being ‘ The daughter of the nation’. Because she is far superior to the other women in history who showed up in an investigation which has them involved.

PML-N have been bashing the opposition for bringing nation’s daughter in the investigation, forgetting that she is one of the people being investigated.

There have been many political female leaders in the history who appeared before Judiciary Commission without making a fuss about it, Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi,┬áSonia Gandhi and much more were a part of the investigation and their┬áparties didn’t protest because these ladies were a part of the investigation.

Those ladies were a public figure and they accepted that. But Maryam Nawaz, who is apparently the only daughter of the nation we should be giving respect to.

The daughters of the nation who have to go through judiciaries processes and face investigations after being the victim of rape an assault. Those daughters of the nation have to answer vulgar and descriptive questions about what happened to them because there is no one who can stand up to for them and say ‘ don’t ask her that she is the daughter of the nation’.

Maryam Nawaz should not have been called by JIT, not because is was an insult to her womanhood but for the reason that is is not yet capable enough to fall into the category of those women who face the world bravely when they had to.


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