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Master Ayub, a legend, educating children of Pakistan for free

As evening begins at the central point of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, youngsters assemble at a little play area, visiting, laughing and enjoying their play time.

It is a scene played out in incalculable parks across the nation more or less like a norm, however, the kids are not here to play after school – they are here to attend one of them.

For three hours, free classes keep running here for any individual who wishes to attend. The school, which depends on volunteers and donations given by people, is one of many establishments and achievements in the capital which are serving to educate kids.

Muhammad Ayub khan in other words Master Ayub is a philanthropist, civil servant and an Educator is one of the renowned people in Islamabad who took an initiative in 1986 to start a free school for those underprivileged children who could not afford education in an open air environment which is located in the F6 sector Park, Islamabad.

Ayub left his hometown city (Mandi Bahauddin) for Islamabad at the age of 19. His father, who served the armed forces amid 1971 Indo-Pakistan war, was detained and died shortly after when he got released abandoning Ayub to be the head and support of his six brothers and three sisters.

“That is the point of which I understood that my siblings were my obligation”.

Ayub turned into a city worker and joined the fire unit in the wake of volunteering for them first. He additionally sold daily papers and made paper bags in hope to supplement his salary.

“I [would] see youngsters going here and there in the avenues of Islamabad and would ponder to myself that how different their lives could be if they also could avail Education”.

Today, with an enlistment of 250 children, this school started by Master Ayub — is functional six days a week, from 3:30 pm until the time of sunset — is situated on a Capital Development Authority (CDA) corner plot next to Karachi abode located in F6 for underprivileged children. Every evening, Kids ranging from all ages, starting from six years to 16 years come along with their A-stands, chalk boards and thus proceed to their apportioned space, place their bags and books on the floor.

Columns and Rows are formed and the understudies hold up to start the day with the national song (National Anthem). Ayub’s essential target is to get kids into the standard Educational framework, subsequently, the subjects taught incorporate English, Mathematics, Urdu, History, Social Studies, and Islamiat.

Since there is no such building for children so constant donations are being collected in order to build a roof for these kids. With the cooperation of the management team, volunteer program has been put forward with the motive that different students come from different schools, colleges, and universities and teach these kids. There are many students amongst those who were taking classes at Master Ayub’s school who now have joined the college for higher Education. And today they have been hired by Employers with really good positions at the jobs.

There are many students amongst those who were taking classes at Master Ayub’s school who now have joined the college for higher Education. And today they have been hired by Employers with really good positions at the jobs.

Yasmin Nawaz, 30-year-old mother graduated from the school in 1994 has become a teacher herself.

‘In grade 8 I basically finished school due to lack of resources my parents the couldn’t send me to high school but Master Ayub insisted that I must continue and he paid for everything including my textbooks and exam registration fee and to pay back his beautiful favour I started teaching in his school and I teach elsewhere too’.

Another story of Qasim, who used to collect woods and plastic bottles by helping his father with his labor was very ambitious in joining the school and wanted to be a helping hand to his family.

He secretly used to check on when Master Ayub used to teach other students till Master Ayub spotted him and insisted him to join but with the fear of his mother he would run away as she was never in favour of him studying till one day master Ayub decided to visit his family and failed to convince his mother due to their norms and traditions but his father was very supportive and promised Master Ayub that Qasim would join in from tomorrow.

After few years of taking education today, Qasim is teaching other students as a teacher at the Master Ayub School and has mastered the skills of Education. Side by side he participates in programs and seminars for awareness in youth as per how essential it is to get an education.

”Today there are many students among these kids who are teaching in different tribal and rural areas for free and some are proper teachers in school who are proud of themselves as they are educating our next generation. One word taught by me means i achieved my goal. These kids are my everything” Says Master Ayub.

Master Ayub received the award for Pride of Performance for his endless efforts that he is making in decades. Master Ayub dedication has inspired millions of people, including leading companies who feature him in various ad campaigns continuing to show cast him as one of the most sincere and true Pakistani who is continuing to work for children without any fees. Such people are our Pakistani pride and heroes who are contributing to the welfare of this country.

Image: Pakistan Today

Written by Zohaib Zahid


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